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Chayah (Youth Prison Ministry)

Chayah is a prison ministry based on the Cursillo movement. Chayah is an ancient Hebrew word that means “new life”. The intent of the Chayah ministry is to provide troubled youth with a religious experience that will show them that this new life is possible for them through faith in Jesus Christ.
Volunteers spend about 12 hours a day on the retreat in the prison, eating, praying, sharing, and singing with the kids. The program is run by chaplains, Clergy, and adult volunteers as well as incarcerated kids who have gone through the Chayah weekend and training.

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PASS \Women’s Shelter

Prescott Area Shelter Services and in particular the Women’s Shelter, or PAWS. The Shelter leadership takes hope seriously, as well as the innate worth of every human being. They take people where they are and help get them where they want to go.
The Shelter provides basic resources to homeless/transitional women and children of our county. The program connects guests to current outside resources. PAWS is the only shelter in Prescott that provides emergency services for women and children, with a new permanent location open year-round.

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Liberty Traditional School

Through the HUSD Faith Based Council, Emmanuel has partnered with Liberty to help provide the items the kids need in the classrooms to learn. We collect monies and then purchase the items after consulting with the principal of the school.

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HUSD Feed the Hungry Kids

This program is for all children in our school district. Bags filled with food items are distributed each Friday during the school year to the children who otherwise would not have anything to eat over the weekend. Money donations make it possible for them to buy specific items they need, but our food donations are also greatly appreciated. At last count, they were serving 240 families weekly!

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Project Aware Men’s Shelter

Their Mission Statement: Provide an opportunity for the homeless to improve their lives and progress to self-sufficiency and independent living; provide temporary shelter, affordable housing and services to help the homeless achieve and maintain residential stability; increase public awareness and understanding of the problem of homelessness; advocate for the homeless, many of whom have little or no voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

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Rock Point Navajo School

The Navajo Lutheran Mission School is a small not-for-profit school with a rich 50-year history of providing quality education to the Rock Point community on the Navajo Nation. Many of the children enrolled in the school have parents who attended the Mission when they were young and want the same education for their own children. Navajo children in the Rock point community have the choice of a faith-based education which puts focus on the Navajo language and culture. The Navajo School provides a Christian school to nurture the Christian lifestyle among the young people of the community.

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CASA (Kids Foundation)

CASA for Kids is a non-profit organization that serves the unmet needs of children who are in the foster care system and to support the work of the CASA volunteers. Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers act as the “eyes and ears” of the Juvenile Court and help determine whether abused, neglected or abandoned children can be reunited with their families, be placed in adoptive home, or assisted into independent living.

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Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an international, non-profit, ecumenical organization dedicated to building affordable housing in with people in need. Habitat affiliates throughout the world build or renovate houses with low-income families and then sell the houses to these families at no profit or interest.

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Only-A-Child is a small, yet powerful seed of hope and opportunity planted in the slums of Guatemala City. It provides outreach, shelter, education, training, and self-sufficiency to “throwaway” youth who live on the streets in an environment of violence and despair.

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AZ Children’s Association/Child Haven

Child Haven (a division of Arizona’s Children Association) is a crisis nursery program that provides services to families with young children. The mission of Child Haven is to empower families to affect change and find solutions to critical issues by providing a unique and vital service, focused on the concept of families helping families. Their mission is met by the following: providing crisis nursery in volunteer family homes; offering 24-hour information and referral services; collecting and distributing donations to help meet the needs of the families; advocating for children and families in our communities.

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Prescott Valley Library Adult Literacy

The program's mission is to be a viable organization within the community by providing opportunities for the education of adults in reading, writing and math. These services are provided by trained volunteers and staff under the direction of an executive director.

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Yavapai Family Advocacy

The mission of the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center is to assist the victims of child or vulnerable adult abuse or neglect, domestic violence or sexual assault by providing a safe and supportive environment and facilitating a team approach to advocacy, investigation, and prosecution. Victims are brought to the Center by Law Enforcement or Child Protective Services.

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